Oh, Husband


Me: If you’re not going to come, just tell me so I can invite someone else

Husband: Yeah….uh…

Me: Just tell me!

Husband: Okay I don’t really want to go.

Me: Fine

Husband: You’ll have more fun with X anyway.

Me: Yeah, probably.


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My Perfect Playlist


Pork and Beans – Weezer
A-Punk – Vampire Weekend
Slow Cheetah – Red Hot Chili Peppers
I Got Mine – The Black Keys
Faster – Rachael Yamagata
No One Knows – Queens of the Stone Age
No You Girls – Franz Ferdinand
Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat – Beck
Whole Damn Thing – Those Darlins
Cornbread – Dave Matthews Band

Okay, download and pretend I didn’t just change your life. And hurry! Before I change my mind.

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Ahhhhh….Almost Spring


I’m a forgetful person. Or maybe just disoriented. I try to do things REALLY FAST and that causes me to skip portions or forget pieces of my life that I need. Like keys, for instance. I tend to forget to bring my keys home at least once a month from the office. Last night was one of those nights.

I’m always the first person in the office every morning, so unless I wanted to sit outside and read our newspapers (I have done that many a time) I would have to come in later today. I decided to make the most of an extended morning by rolling my chubby soft self out of bed for a run. I turn up my iPod really loud and I can’t hear myself wheeze.

I have figured out a quick 3 mile path from my door that leads me down by the common, close to Beacon Hill, and down Commonwealth Avenue. I love this path for one reason — it’s flat. Completely flat. No hills, no bumps, no skinny sidewalks. Comm Ave is so pretty too! Old beautiful buildings are a great distraction.

There is something about spring that makes me smile all the way down in my intestines. I breathe it in and out like an old friend…”THERE you are. Why did it take so long this year?” And even though I’m slow (I shouldn’t call it running so much as hoppy walking) I see other runners and get a weird sense of belonging to a club of people who push themselves out of bed in the morning to do this too. I would wave but my Midwestern attempts at friendliness haven’t been so well-received in the first two years I’ve been here. In Nebraska, we waved.

Maybe my co-workers have it right. Maybe mornings should be savored and enjoyed rather than rushed and barely functioning.

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Date My Husband? Meh?

I guess I will start by admitting that I have a lot more fun going out to brunch/lunch with friends or my boyfriend than I do my husband. He doesn’t talk much. We already know how the other’s week went. We are well caught up on what’s ahead for the next week. Or at least he’s caught up on me — like I said, he doesn’t talk much.

After my boyfriend ditched me for the THIRD week in a row and my one downtown Boston girlfriend with no responsibilities was out of town, my husband took pity on me and we went on an afternoon date. It all started out great. He let me know where we would be going on our honeymoon and I squealed with delight that he was even thinking about that sort of thing. (we never got to go on one — long story for another post) We dodged and weaved our way through public transportation to the north end, which is my favorite of all favorites in Boston. And as we walked along, I thought about what we might talk about over lunch. And thought. And then realized it was going to be that situation where everyone is all sad for the married couple that doesn’t talk to each other while eating out. It’s not like we don’t talk at ALL, but I’m definitely not animated the way I am for my boyfriend or girlfriends.

So what if we don’t talk a lot? We don’t need to. And isn’t that even more comfortable? When you can look at someone and know what they’re thinking already? When you have a connection where things don’t need to be explained? I think so. It was not a small victory that I got him out of the house for multiple hours, so I will continue to focus on what is great about us instead of what could be different.

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No Words


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Damn Tasty Drink


Tom Collins! My way. Delish.

3 oz Sour Mix
2 oz Club Soda
2 oz Vodka

Because I like limes with my lemony tastes, I squirt some fresh lime in there too. It’s a tall glass of YUM on a hot day. No hot days here in Boston yet, but my husband built a fire the other night and I threw a one girl party on my loveseat.

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Office Etiquette

I read an article about helpful tips for what is appropriate office conduct. And then laughed at how my office breaks nearly every rule. Here are my pros and cons in regards to our office climate. Be warned that I will be graphic below, only so you can feel the horrific feeling I felt when the incident occurred.

People show up whenever they want, and leave whenever they want
My boss told me that her 1 yr old daughter has to have surgery to correct a clitoral problem
We have to clean our own bathroom
The same boss wears sweats almost every day
I cannot schedule a meeting to save my life because no one is ever here at the same time
Co-workers don’t know tmi limits
There is a severe lack of ‘getting shit done on time’
You can have big dreams, they will be crushed

People show up whenever they want, and leave whenever they want
I wear jeans. Every day.
We have a lovely festivity known as ‘beer Friday’. We drink beer at the kitchen table beginning at 3
There is a lot of humor in our daily lives
We get amazing perks to make up for not making a whole lot of money
Almost all donors I visit are alternative lifestyle having, hippie sympathizing, generally happy people
My co-workers keep life in perspective amazingly well. We’re all pretty chill.
‘Mental health day’ is not a cop out, but something deemed necessary once in awhile

Basically I can’t say enough about how awesome my job is. Until my boss talks about that thing above.

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