The Things I Bring Back

When my husband is annoying me, I close my eyes and bring back the memory of our first kiss. Over the top of a bong.

When my work is dragging me down, I recall the moment I was laughing with two of my bosses as we crossed a New York City street and talking about being on Willie Nelson’s bus.

When my family feels really far away, I remember being a little kid building forts with my brother, tagging along after my sister, going to dance recitals with my mom, and my dad coaching me in junior high track.

When my friends and I grow further and further apart, I send them cards with humor intact to remind them of the shared laughter we were lucky to have as roommates.

When my cat pukes up a particularly nasty hairball, I rub his soft fur and kiss his head — and am thankful for my little furry friend that makes me smile 90% of the time.


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