SPRING!! You saucy minx!


Ohhhh SPRING. There you are!

I’m beyond excited looking at my ten day forecast. I had a supremely shitty day yesterday so I’m making the choice to focus on all things positive. I have a job. I might not always like it but it pays me and gives me security when most people are really struggling. I feel lucky that husband and I are in our current situation — renters, stable, no kids, income ahead. PHEW!

I am healthy. No disabilities. I watched the wheelchair marathoners on Monday, the guy who is 68 and PUSHING his son in a wheelchair — it’s enough to make you kick yourself and a good reminder of why it’s important to appreciate sore muscles and a good workout.

I am loved. Husband might not always do it the “right” way or say the perfect things, but I know he loves me with every ounce of his being. And having family that loves you makes everything else not matter quite so much.


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