Ahhhhh….Almost Spring


I’m a forgetful person. Or maybe just disoriented. I try to do things REALLY FAST and that causes me to skip portions or forget pieces of my life that I need. Like keys, for instance. I tend to forget to bring my keys home at least once a month from the office. Last night was one of those nights.

I’m always the first person in the office every morning, so unless I wanted to sit outside and read our newspapers (I have done that many a time) I would have to come in later today. I decided to make the most of an extended morning by rolling my chubby soft self out of bed for a run. I turn up my iPod really loud and I can’t hear myself wheeze.

I have figured out a quick 3 mile path from my door that leads me down by the common, close to Beacon Hill, and down Commonwealth Avenue. I love this path for one reason — it’s flat. Completely flat. No hills, no bumps, no skinny sidewalks. Comm Ave is so pretty too! Old beautiful buildings are a great distraction.

There is something about spring that makes me smile all the way down in my intestines. I breathe it in and out like an old friend…”THERE you are. Why did it take so long this year?” And even though I’m slow (I shouldn’t call it running so much as hoppy walking) I see other runners and get a weird sense of belonging to a club of people who push themselves out of bed in the morning to do this too. I would wave but my Midwestern attempts at friendliness haven’t been so well-received in the first two years I’ve been here. In Nebraska, we waved.

Maybe my co-workers have it right. Maybe mornings should be savored and enjoyed rather than rushed and barely functioning.


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