Office Etiquette

I read an article about helpful tips for what is appropriate office conduct. And then laughed at how my office breaks nearly every rule. Here are my pros and cons in regards to our office climate. Be warned that I will be graphic below, only so you can feel the horrific feeling I felt when the incident occurred.

People show up whenever they want, and leave whenever they want
My boss told me that her 1 yr old daughter has to have surgery to correct a clitoral problem
We have to clean our own bathroom
The same boss wears sweats almost every day
I cannot schedule a meeting to save my life because no one is ever here at the same time
Co-workers don’t know tmi limits
There is a severe lack of ‘getting shit done on time’
You can have big dreams, they will be crushed

People show up whenever they want, and leave whenever they want
I wear jeans. Every day.
We have a lovely festivity known as ‘beer Friday’. We drink beer at the kitchen table beginning at 3
There is a lot of humor in our daily lives
We get amazing perks to make up for not making a whole lot of money
Almost all donors I visit are alternative lifestyle having, hippie sympathizing, generally happy people
My co-workers keep life in perspective amazingly well. We’re all pretty chill.
‘Mental health day’ is not a cop out, but something deemed necessary once in awhile

Basically I can’t say enough about how awesome my job is. Until my boss talks about that thing above.


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