My Fuckit List


Fuckit lists are all the rage. And I’m nothing if not a lame list idea copier. So…here begins my posts of stuff that I don’t give a FUCK if I ever actually do before I croak. I will continue to update when I get annoyed at people talking about their amazing plans and goals.

Drink a $100 bottle of wine. $10 and under gets me just as drunk.

Eat sushi EVER again. Tiny eggs came between me and what I convinced myself was good. I didn’t ever even like you that much sushi. You were a fad and I am tossing you aside for good.

Go to Paris. Save it. I don’t like French people or big cities that hate me and my fanny pack wearing compatriots.

Run a marathon. For awhile, I thought, oh, yes I must. I have to. No I don’t. Once I saw people peeing on themselves and much, much worse, I gave up that dream.

Having my own business. I hear its a lot of work.

Getting my master’s degree. In WHAT, pray tell? Also, see above.

Bungee jump. People have DIED.

Find myself. Dude. What? Here I am.


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