I am fresh off of cleansing my list of people I wasn’t really friends with. I was confused why a lot of them might add me in the first place; maybe my memory is stronger than theirs. A few I tossed out because their status updates annoyed me too often. A few were friends of friends, people I had never met. A few I tossed purely on their lack of inactivity on the site. Boy did it feel niiiice, for some reason. To know that I wasn’t going to have to read about Tara’s latest bout with bronchitis or Steve’s last drinking binge. I am always tempted to be really incendiary and update with my real feelings: Kari is tired of hearing about your kid. Kari doesn’t care what you’re doing this weekend. Kari is sick of getting asked “How’s Boston?”

We’re on facebook during the day at work, on someone else’s dime. Let’s make it worth it. Ridiculous things that pick me up during the day and get me through the butt numbing mindless drivel of 2:26 on a Thursday.



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