Damn Tasty Sticky Bun


Confession. Flour Bakery in Boston http://www.flourbakery.com/ Might be my most favorite thing about my neighborhood. I begin thinking about it on Friday evenings, I continue to debate “do I REALLY need to go?” Saturday morning, and by 10 am I’m pretty safe from the sticky bun’s grasp if I haven’t already given in. But then Sunday hits and Sunday makes me a sucker. I’m the typical white person that likes to go buy a newspaper, coffee and yummy something on Sunday. I don’t go to church. My church is the sticky bun at flour. It’s so awesome that it beat Bobby Flay’s ass in a Throw Down on the Food Network. It’s so awesome that they sell out of them every SINGLE day of the week. This impresses my husband when I remind him every time I eat one. I think. Anyway, go there. Eat it.



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