Who do I try to copy…? Emulate is a nicer word.

the original – my sister
She’s just a boat load of fun and entertainment. I stole her clothes when I was younger, in elaborate and well-hatched out scams. Or so I thought. So not only did I want her personality, I wanted to look like her. One morning when she was home from college I snuck out to where all of her stuff and her actual self were sprawled all over the living room. With my eyes glued to her and one hand trying to liberate a shirt from her suitcase, one of HER eyeballs popped open and she growled “Dont. Even.” Yiiiieeee, I ran away squealing! My sister is in many ways my opposite – not a lot of emotion, not much sentimentality. But when we get together we’re each other’s right hand lady. Two is always better than one.

the recent – my dad
I didn’t think my dad was cool growing up of course. He was my math teacher, my cross country coach, my thorn in my shoe. He extolled the virtues of ‘no blanket-sharing’ and ‘both feet on the floor’ and under NO circumstances was I to date Ryan anymore. Basically, he seemed like a enormously un-fun buzzkill. He sucked the enjoyment out of the room. 12 years later, I’m realizing what a gem he is! It’s amazing what a little time and space can do for your perspective. He’s a perpetually sunny, grass is greener guy. He lives his life in a way that is constantly looking for the good, for the luck, for the pleasant surprise. Give more, expect less. And make things a little better than how you found them. Who better to emulate?

the logic – my husband
Unfortunately, my husband is usually right. He is sensical, topical, and doesn’t dwell on what he can’t change. My flighty and ‘if only’s’ are combated by his ‘won’t happens’. He has to remind me that people probably aren’t going to change, and only I can change how I react to them. I don’t know if he knows that he does that for me. He worries a lot, but it’s usually only on the things that actually matter. We’re a good mix.

the inspiration – my boss
She is A.MAZ.ING. She is a bucket of laughter and speed walking. She, like the Marines, gets more done by 8am than I do all day. Instead of talking about things, she does them. She travels. She mingles. She lights up a room. She keeps things in perspective, she loves big, she wraps her arms around a topic and researches it to the death. There isn’t much she can’t do and I think I’ll make her a superwoman cape.

the reminder – my cat
Things don’t always have to be difficult. In fact, a day can be spent shifting positions on two different couches and savoring a day of nothing. Repairing my brain from sensory overload of the week and eating the same thing three times in one day is alright sometimes.

the comfort – my mom
Not unlike my cat, my mom moves around at a slower pace. She finds delight in simple things like olives in her beer or walking through a new city. She’s strong and strong-willed. She is small and cute but no pushover. She doesn’t exaggerate, she doesn’t spend time on things that don’t matter to her. And I like that about her.


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