Do you have the time…

To listen to me whine? About why everyone else is whining? It seems that I can’t spin a cat without finding people who are complaining about their current situation. Can I get a little less chicken little and a little more happy clam? It can’t be too much to ask. In the year of doom and gloom economically, it seems we should be focused on the luck of having a job to complain about. Do I have to feel guilty that my biggest problem is my husband wanting too MUCH sex? The flip side of that problem is, hey, at least he still wants to have sex with me. Do I have to feel guilty that I have a really fun fantastic job? I am thoroughly confused at a co-worker complains about the essential tasks of her job. Ummm…it’s what you signed on for.

I’m making a point to focus on the brighter side of the street. The sunshine breaking through clouds. The rain that the earth needs. The cold that invigorates my lungs. The cat puke that reminds me I have a wonderful furry friend. The burnt lasagna that reminds me I always have a bounty of food to choose from. And the realization that things really aren’t that bad. In fact; they’re pretty fantastic. smile


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