Ahhh Ahhh Ahhhh Afternoon Delight!

Thinking about things that delight me is a favorite way for me to waste time when I should be working. In all reality, I should have a forced manual labor job or at least something where I’m not sitting at a desk. When I have had those types of positions, I work like a mule and really get excited about seeing progress, jobs completed, tasks checked off. However…I’ve spent the past five years working at a desk. Asking people for money. Planning events. At times I’m so busy I feel an exorcist-like head spin coming on, but a lot of the time I am checking out www.perezhilton.com, www.people.com, www.gofugyourself.com, and a little www.nytimes.com to purge myself of the three shallow sites. Back to things that delight me.

Sunday mornings, espresso, juice, Boston Globe
concert tickets
a perfectly cooked steak with a bottle of A1 on the side
the smell of clean laundry (that’s a big one)
Max (my cat) talking to me
spring days, light breeze, steady sun
fall days, crisp and warm
walking in the park
a really fantastic, difficult work out
a perfectly concocted cocktail that I’ve made up on the fly
the north end of Boston
the open fields of my home state
a hug from someone I love
traveling somewhere, anywhere
seeing my friends grow older and become adults
a perfectly made soy cappuccino
laughing with my husband over something only we would think is funny
getting my self-dyed hair color just right
laughing when I don’t
pulling up a barstool at a ridiculously early time to be drinking
saying the word ‘diorama’
crying at really stupid reality shows
mmmm chocolate, total cliche
realizing I could be okay
an awe inspiring sunset


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